入侵 者 is an immersive, team-based first-person shooter with deadly gunplay, interactive environments, and spatial audio.

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  • 基于团队的隐形多人游戏: 守卫与入侵者。
  • 身临其境的 FPS: 攀登, 蹲, 爬行, 并通过环境游泳。
  • 使用小工具来欺骗、诱捕、分散和战胜对手。
  • 用空间语音聊天窃听对方团队。
  • 真正的互动建筑与工作的安全摄像头, 滑动窗口, 通风轴和电梯。
  • 具有多个目标和逃生路线的隐身任务。
  • 定期更新和基于社区反馈的新功能!

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入侵 者 is the stealth multiplayer experience. We were inspired to combine the great single player campaigns of 金属齿轮固体, SWAT3, and Deus 前 into a team-based multiplayer game. 入侵 者 allows for stealth, teamwork, tactics and environmental interactions never before seen in a multiplayer game. Lure enemies into motion-detectors near explosive traps. Watch enemy movement through live security cameras and alert your teammates using the hand radio. Use real SWAT hand signals to communicate silently when enemies are nearby. In 入侵 者, amazing stories and emergent gameplay come from the players’ actions to provide an experience you will never forget.




入侵 者 is still in development, but you can play the game now with our early access program. 购买 "入侵者早期访问" and get unlimited access to the game and future updates.

Your early purchase will unlock additional content and rewards as we get closer to the public launch of the game. The price is PWYW with a min of $10.00 USD. Your support today will help us finish Intruder and make it the best game possible!

  The Store is currently OPEN with 14 copies left.

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我们的社区是我们的命脉! 入侵者 玩家社区 专门用于隐藏多人体验。我们重视团队合作、对社会的贡献和良好的体育精神。我们不容忍 griefers 或鼠。

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"The thrill of hiding silently in the air ducts and overhearing the other team speculate about where you might be can't be overstated. It's enough to make you giggle when you've fooled them, or turn pale when they've got you pegged."
- 便士街机报告 (RIP)

"... you’ll see that Superboss Games have created something rare – a shooter where you really have to think before pulling the trigger.”
- PC 游戏玩家

"The firefight at the end of this video, lit by the flashes of the guns, has pretty much sold me. I want this."
- 摇滚纸猎枪

"But as far as an online multiplayer first-person shooter goes, potentially, Intruder is already the most interesting in its genre for years."
- 独立 Statik

"I can confirm that the game is Super Boss!"
- 科林 Northway (Incredipede 开发人员)

"So, had a go at a build of @SuperbossGames's 'Intruder' and it was AWESOME. keep an eye on this one; not kidding, I don't think I've ever enjoyed a multiplayer FPS so much."
- 苏菲 Houlden

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入侵 者 is all about teamwork. We track each player's performance in the game and let you know how well you're doing. We also let each player give other players a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Players that try to ruin the experience for other players are removed from the game. Players that make the game better for everyone are celebrated and rewarded.

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